How to reuse packaging material in 5 simple ways

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Are your online purchases leading to a room full of different types of packaging material? With the lock down, is your online shopping been ever increasing, ending up with a collection of cardboard boxes as if it were your hobby? Then you have come to the right place. Here are a few simple and easy ways on how you can reuse packaging material right at home. This will help you keep your home organised and even reduce waste and clutter in your daily lives. Read on to know creative ways to reuse eCommerce packaging materials.

1. Wardrobe organisation

Reuse empty cardboard boxes to pull out as drawers and partition your wardrobe into different sections

One of the top ways on how to reuse empty cardboard boxes is for home organisation. Big cardboard boxes can be used to segregate and categorize the different sections of your wardrobe. Big and deep areas can be divided by reusing these cardboard boxes that can be pulled out like drawers for easy access. Here we have used Amazon packaging material to organize our wardrobe. We have divided it based on seasonal wear and type of clothing like tops and pants. Get creative of how you would like to re-organise your wardrobe. I am sure you can come up with your own convenient system. If you hava a lot of jewellery in your wardrobe then this DIY jewellery organiser will surely help you.

2. Kitchen organisation

Organise the various kitchen elements using the different sizes of packaging material

Kitchen is one room in the house which always has a lot of things which can get easily cluttered. The easiest way is to reuse empty cardboard boxes to organise the different sections. Clutter-free kitchen and less accumulation of packaging material leads to a calm mind. You can use the small boxes to organise spoons, forks and other small utensils. The less used vessels can be retained in the cushioned packaging they come in, to ensure they don’t get dirty or scratched by the other utensils kept on them. Provision stores and stocks can be neatly arranged by reusing cardboard boxes of medium size. So, it is easily visible and accessible at the same time. There are many ways you can reuse these packaging materials based on the size and quantity of item you want to store and organise.

3. Desk organisation

De-clutter your desk by reusing cardboard boxes

This is also one common place which gets cluttered easily which causes a distraction while you work. I am sure you agree with me on this. Here we have used Whiskas (yes cats love Whiskas!) and Flipkart packaging material to organize our various crafts materials like pencils, pens, paints, scissors, coloured papers and other stationary items. If you are a stationary addict then this is a great home organisation tip. It will keep your stationary organised and easily accessible as well. You don’t have to spend time to collect the required items when starting an arts or crafts project. Even those cables and plugs connecting to different electronic appliances on your desk, can be enclosed using long empty cardboard boxes for a neat look.

4. Pouches

A fun way to re-purpose those bubble wraps

Here is a creative way to reuse your packaging covers with bubble wrap. This will reduce your expense to buy pouches as well. So many benefits by just reusing things at home. As you can see, I have reversed a packaging cover lined with bubble wrap inside out and taped the edges for a cleaner finish. Based on the size of the packet you can make pouches for different uses ranging from stationary to money to make up items. This will make your pouch look unique. Also, if you have been able to control the urge of bursting the bubbles in the bubble wrap, it will keep the contents safe.

5. Photo frames and decorative items

Create unique and personalized photo frames and gifts using the different types of packaging material

Another creative way of reusing packaging material. This is for those packaging materials which comes with big items such as television, refrigerators etc. They provide thermocol cushioning for keeping the items they hold safe from any bounce and movement during transportation. This type of packaging material can be decorated using paints, confetti, sequins and other decorative items, and used as photo frames. Place the photos of your loved ones and make it a unique photo frame for your desk or wall. The thermocol packaging material can even be cut to different shapes and sizes, and decorated with colours and wordings to create unique decorative and inspirational pieces at home. You can even gift them to your friends and family personalising it with your own words and different colours. I am sure they will love these kinds of gifts more than just the store-bought ones.

Bonus Tip: What about those big packets which Amazon or Flipkart gives as packaging material? I have got you covered there as well. Instead of just throwing it away as garbage, a simple way is to reuse it as a garbage bag. Voila! (Some are bio degradable so can be used to even collect the wet waste instead of spending money on a garbage bag. This will help in implementing the waste segregation policy as well.)

Wrap Up! (pun intended)

There are many more creative ways you can reuse the packaging material from your online shopping. Here is another innovative way we got from one of our team members. Huge Amazon packaging material is made flat and used as a backing for a 3000 pieces jigsaw puzzle and the smaller cardboard boxes has been used to segregate the pieces. There are many more fun and unique ways you can reuse the different types of packaging material. This not only helps to reduce the amount of empty cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, empty covers and other packaging material but also helps in home organisation and keeping your environment clutter-free. This in turn will help you have a calm mind. (At least clutter will not be a reason for your mind to feel irritated)

A creative way to reuse a big Amazon packaging material

Hope this article has triggered your creative juices on how to reuse the different types of packaging material, and also provided some home organisation tips and unique and personalised gifting ideas. Check out on my blog post on more sustainable living ideas.

Let us know in the comments below how you are reusing your eCommerce packaging material. Take a picture and tag us at @prettyknotts on Instagram to be featured on our Instagram page.

Enjoy your reuse process!

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