DIY Jewellery Organiser in 3 easy steps

The title says everything about this article – DIY Jewellery Organiser. I am going to show you how to make a jewellery box at home on your own, with items that you already have.

Before and after of making your own DIY jewellery organiser

If you are anything like me then you too have a box full of jewellery (or should I say boxes), earrings in particular. You love purchasing any new designs that come to the market. It is not like you are just collecting them and wouldn’t want to use them. It is just that your jewellery box is overflowing and is messy, making it difficult to find a pair of earrings when you actually need it. You must have come across situations that you found the earring you want but you are not able to find the other of its pair.

You would have tried to buy some jewellery box online, but with so many choices and types available it is confusing. Also, it is not a very sustainable purchase, with all the plastic and what not used to make the jewellery organiser. Don’t worry, I am going to drive away all these woes by showing you  just how easy it is to make your own handmade jewellery box in 3 easy steps. There will be no more days where half your time to get ready goes in search of earrings in your earrings organiser.

I came upon this idea when I was compiling my article on How to reuse packaging material in 5 simple ways. It is like catching two birds with one stone (please don’t go throwing around stones at birds). You can reuse your cardboard boxes as well as make your own jewellery organiser without spending any extra money.

I know it sounds like I am just blabbering on before getting to the actual DIY project, but I want you to know the amount of benefits this one project of yours can make. And it doesn’t even take much time to implement. I have also provided a number tips, tricks and replacements you can do throughout the steps. So here is how to make jewellery box in 3 simple steps.

Things required for your DIY Jewellery Organiser

  • Empty cardboard box (of course)
  • Sponge / Thermocol
  • Paper of your favourite colour
  • Blade / Scissor
  • Cello Tape / Glue

That’s it! You don’t need anything else. As I have mentioned before, this jewellery organiser box can be made with things already available at home.

How to make your Handmade Jewellery Box

Step 1 – Cut your box:

Choose a cardboard box in which two sponges can fit as shown in image 1. With the help of a blade, cut along the middle of the sides of the box as shown in image 2. Ensure to cut only on three sides so that it opens up like a book as shown in image 3.


Draw a line along three sides of the box before using a blade to cut through. This will ensure a clean finish and also will prevent any mistakes so that you can check before cutting the box.

Step 2 – Decorate your box:

Line the insides of the cardboard box with paper and stick it with help of glue as shown in image 4. You can choose a white paper if you are going for a minimalistic look or you can even go for your favourite colour. This will be the background of your jewellery box so it will only be a little visible.

Cover the outsides of your DIY jewellery box with decorative paper. This is going to be more visible. Here I have chosen plain pink (pink is my favourite colour) as shown in image 5. You can use gift wrapping paper or any patterned paper as well. You can paint a design and stick on it as well. You can even cut and paste different shapes such as stars, hearts, flowers etc. Get creative with this step.


You can even skip this step if you like the look of the colour of the carboard box you are using to make your jewellery organiser.

Step 3 – Glue sponge / thermocol to complete:

Image 6

Glue the sponges onto the insides of your jewellery box as shown in image 6. Cut them to appropriate size if required.


Place the sponges inside the cardboard box before pasting them to check how many sponges you will require and of what sizes. You can even use the thermocol you get in the packaging material for this purpose. Basically, it should be a material on which you can poke your earrings and it will stay. Here I have used sponges as I had them handy at home.

Voila! Your own DIY jewellery organiser is ready.

Start placing all your earring pairs onto the sponge / thermocol. You can change their place and check which is the most optimal way to accommodate maximum earrings in your jewellery box. If you want to take your earrings organiser a step up, then you can arrange it as per colour and size. I had to make two such jewellery boxes to accommodate my earrings collection. You can make this jewellery organiser stand (as shown in image 7) in your wardrobe or dressing table. It consumes lesser space than your box full of scattered jewellery as well.

DIY Jewellery Organiser

As you can see, some of the earrings I have placed in my jewellery box are handmade earrings. If you like them you too can purchase them at PrettyKnotts. They are super cute and light weight too. So, no more painful ears after a long day of wearing long earrings. You can even get a customized order if you have something special and unique in your mind. Another positive point is that, as our tag line says ‘Handmade with a purpose’- PrettyKnotts provides a part of its profits to the promotion of animal welfare.

By using this handmade jewellery box, you are not only organizing your jewellery, you are also re-using the packaging material lying around your home or which you would have thrown away creating unnecessary waste. Talk about living sustainably. These are the small steps one can take to improve the world we live in. To learn about more such small steps which you can take to live a sustainable life check out my blog post on this topic.

Do take a photo of your DIY jewellery organiser and tag us on Instagram at @PrettyKnotts to be featured on our page. We would love to see your unique, creative way of making your own jewellery organiser.

Enjoy your DIY jewellery organiser!

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