Teacup – An Animal Rescue Story

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Teacup animal rescue

We started ‘Pretty Knotts’ with the mission to be able to provide financial support for our animal rescues.  And I am sure you as Pretty Knotts customers would be interested to know how your purchase has helped to rescue stray animals. Here is one of the many rescue stories of a puppy, called Teacup.

Teacup stray animal

I have been taking care of few stray dogs in our area and Mamma is one of them. She is a shy dog and doesn’t like to be touched. Due to her timid and protective nature, when she gave birth to few puppies, she didn’t want me to know where she had them. But in about a week she asked me to follow her and took me to a banyan tree. There, in between the aerial roots, she had given birth to three puppies. I could hear the puppies making noise, but I could also hear a puppy crying. They were in a cove formed by the fusion of the banyan roots and it was dark to see anything. I investigated further and found that two of the puppies were moving around, faces visible. But, I couldn’t see the third.

I put my hand in the cove and tried to search for the third puppy. I could feel the soft fur of the pup so I tried to hold and pull her out. But she seemed stuck. The hole was so small that my hands barely fit in so I was unable to look into it to figure out the position of the pup. I tried one more time by holding the legs of the puppy but it was in vain. I felt I will harm her if I use more force to pull her out. But I couldn’t see any other choice so I went ahead with it. Something burst and I could feel warm liquid all over my hand. I thought I had killed her in the process of trying to save her. I felt it is better to just pull her out rather than let her body rot there. So, without much constraint, I pulled with all the force I had and finally got her out of the hole.

To my surprise, she wasn’t dead. She was very much alive and the warm liquid on my hand was not blood as I had thought. Her hand had a wound from which pus had spilled all over my hand. She was still breathing. She had been stuck head first into a gap in the root she had crawled into. She was so small, just about the size of my palm. She was dirty with wet mud all over her face. Her eyes had not yet opened and she had wounds all over her body.

Teacup CUPA clinic

I immediately took her to CUPA clinic. The vets were also surprised that she is still alive. The wounds were so many that they too couldn’t determine if she was a boy or a girl. It looked like Mamma had tried to pull her out multiple times. There were scratch marks on her backside and her tail looked like it was chewed. The CUPA Vet told that if she survives the night then there is chance to treat and heal her. The vet also said that she must have been stuck for at least 3 days in the hole as the wounds had become infected and filled with pus. Her arm looked like a deflated balloon – having been swollen full of pus and then got punctured when I had tried to pull her out.

Teacup CUPA clinic

I returned home and cleaned her up carefully with a wet sponge. She was at least not crying anymore. I repurposed an empty cardboard box, and placed her in it with warm clothes and hot water bag. I took care of her the whole night, changing the hot water every 3 to 4 hours so that the cold doesn’t get to her. I took the utmost care, hoping that since she had survived till then, she would make it through the night.

The next day the tiny stray puppy was still alive and breathing. I took her back to CUPA clinic where all her wounds were cleaned and attended to. There was a big wound above her right eye as well. The Vet prescribed a course of antibiotics and instructions on how to take care of a puppy which is just a week old without a mother dog.

Teacup stray animal sun bathing

With my mom’s help, I started providing 24 hours care for her. She was so small and had not even opened her eyes. We kept a hot water bag constantly beside her because at this young age puppies cannot produce their own heat. They rely on their mother’s body for heat. We also used a wet cloth to simulate a mother dog licking her backside to induce pooping. We fed her every 4 hours and gave her medicine as prescribed by the CUPA vet. We kept her clean and dry as we didn’t want anything more to affect her already weak body. We took her to the balcony regularly so that she got some sun exposure and natural heat. We named her Rootsie since she was rescued from the roots of the banyan tree.

Teacup animal rescue

Her eyes had still not opened. Even after 4 to 5 days of constant care, only her left eye opened. The wound above right eye hadn’t healed to allow her to open her right eye. Her tail was also not healing, so we took her for another visit to CUPA clinic. The vet told that the tail tissue has become necrotic, meaning that it won’t heal as it has become dead tissue. So, it is better to be amputated. Even at the young age of only 2 weeks, Rootsie got her tail amputated. It was a safe procedure but we were all so worried. The vet also gave some medicine to help the eyes heal. She was a strong one, a very strong one. She came back home after surgery and next day opened both her eyes.

Teacup stray puppy feed

She still wasn’t able to walk properly. She would take one step and fall over. Her arm still had a lot of healing to do. But slowly she gained health and got strength to take her first step. She was beating all the problems thrown at her in just the first two weeks for her life.

Teacup stray puppy playing finger

Her first toy was a cube which I had made from cloth and soft stuffing. She liked to bite it with her toothless jaws. But her favourite toy to chew on was my finger. She slept on my stomach and played with my fingers. She didn’t look like a dog at all, she was looking like a tiny pig. She reminded of the teacup pig (see in the pic below, doesn’t she look like one?) and when I spoke to her about it, she seemed to respond to the name teacup pig more than Rootsie. So, we changed her name to Teacup. We continued feeding her and cleaning her day and night, with regular visits to the clinic. She was recovering well.

Teacup animal rescue

Once she had enough strength, we took her back to see her Mamma. But her Mamma wasn’t too pleased.  Perhaps she didn’t recognise Teacup as her own pup, and Teacup was still much smaller than the other 2 pups who had grown well.  So, we decided she cannot be returned to the pack and we would have to find a home for her. But, her adoption is a whole other story. As if the turmoil Teacup had faced till now was not enough, her adoption caused her more stress. But, I will wrap up this rescue story here. Stay tuned for her adoption story which will be put up soon.

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Teacup help animals

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